• Reclaim your space and get paid for it!

    Tired of seeing those unwanted things taking up room in your garage, basement, workshop, or warehouse?

    Become a consignor today!

  • Homeowners

    You don’t want to pay the high cost of retail for tools and equipment that you won’t use often.

    Stop by, we may have what you're looking for!

  • Professionals

    Have unused materials after finishing a job?
    Have tools or equipment that your business no longer needs or uses?
    We’ll find someone who needs them!

    Check with us for your tools, equipment, and supplies needed for your next job too!

  • Hobbies

    The older we get the more expensive our hobbies become.

    Consider us as a less expensive alternative for your automotive, boat and hobby supplies.

Welcome to Tool Belt Consignments

Tool Belt Consignments is a small Maryland based consignment store for contractors, mechanics and hobbyists to buy and sell their used or unwanted tools, machines, equipment, supplies, hardware, automotive, boating and hobby items. Tool Belt Consignments is the first and only consignment store of this type in Maryland.

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